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Termite Control in Southern Maryland

Dependable Solutions for Termites in Southern Maryland

Termites are not always easily spotted because they often hide deep in the infrastructure of your property. Though these small pests are not as visible, they are infamous for inflicting significant damage to houses and businesses of all kinds. To receive thorough termite control in Charles County, get in touch with Guardian Termite & Pest Control, Inc. immediately.

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How to Get Rid of Termites

On account of innovative new technology, there are better methods than ever for eliminating these hazardous creatures from your location. The distinct application will entirely depend on where the colony is based, however, as well as the individual architectural features of your house or business. For example, a liquid termiticide is a good way of both getting rid of present termites, as well as preventing future populations. The liquid treatment can be drilled and placed within the very foundations of a building, acting as a powerful remove chemical barrier.

Do You Have Termites On Your Property?

Because termites do not typically manifest themselves out in the open, it is extremely important to recognize the signals that your residence or business could be a haven for these harmful pests.

Other kinds of termiticides are not repellent, meaning that the termites can detect the soil has been treated and follow to find a break in the barrier. Certain kinds of termiticides are even designed to be affective but purposely slow-killing, which will ensure that the worker termites will be unable to feed their young, eliminating the colony indirectly.

Some of the signs that your property could be in danger due to a termite infestation include:

  • Peeling or scratched paint, which might even look similar to water damage
  • Drywall which appears discolored
  • Floors that are made of laminate or wood have begun to buckle or warp
  • Wooden floorboards, studs, walls, and other architectural features that sound hollow inside when you tap them
  • The presence of little mounds of “dust,” which are actually termite droppings
  • Floorboards that continuously squeak or groan when you step on them

Tiles that have become loose on account of the new moisture and space within Southern Maryland. 

Depending on the unique situation of the infestation and the location, it might be best to apply a certain kind of treatment, or even a combination, but you should always let a termite specialist advise which option would be best for your situation. Our technicians are ready to offer superior protection for these invasive species through dependable termite control in Southern Maryland and beyond.

Give our team a call today at (301) 970-4330 or contact us online to determine which type of application would be most effective for your situation, and you will feel the relief of knowing that at Guardian Termite & Pest Control, Inc. is by your side. 

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