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Whenever you are looking for pest control services in Southern Maryland, you are going to want a company that gets the job done efficiently and effectively. There is a reason why so many customers have trusted our technicians here at Guardian Termite & Pest Control, Inc. for so many years. We can handle any pest problem that is infesting your house or business. 

Don’t let the frustration of a pest invasion get you down, since our experts at Guardian Termite & Pest Control, Inc. are more than capable of getting rid of obnoxious intruders like:

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Never Delay in Scheduling Pest Treatments

If you just see one rat on your property or perhaps a couple of bed bugs here and there, you might be initially hesitant about scheduling full treatment for your house or business. You may be hoping that perhaps this was just random chance. Unfortunately, the truth about most common household pests is that they almost always come in a pack – seeing one usually means that there are more, rapidly breeding and reproducing the longer that you leave them untreated.

Certain types of pests can produce new generations so quickly that unless you schedule prompt extermination, you could have several populations’ worth overrunning your property in a matter of a few weeks. In order to avoid this mess that only gets worse as time goes on, reach out to dedicated professionals as soon as you can.

The Consequences of Pest Invasions

It is important to never treat a pest intrusion as a light matter. Although not every pest will cause physical harm to you directly, they can wreak a lot of havoc in different ways. From termites that chew your home to bits to rats that start severe electrical fires in businesses after gnawing the wiring, these trespassers will cause extensive damage if they are not quickly stopped. A single mouse is known to contaminate 10 times more food than it actually eats, so the more you wait, the more negative side effects you will have to endure.

If you allow pests to overtake your property, you could be facing issues such as:

  • Endangering the health of yourself and those you care about, on account of dangerous illnesses carried by pests
  • Racking up expensive bills for destroyed property, precious valuables, and loss of food and drink products
  • Painful bites and stings, as well as allergic reactions, from direct contact with pests

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